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Thanks so much!

I don't know what I have done to deserve so many lovely friends, but I am quite spoiled and I thank you all!

I thought I'd share my beautiful flowers from Spikesgirl and my balloons from another friend.

up to something

Just Wait a Day

Have to love the weather here.  Two weeks ago, I saw hundreds of butterflies going in to work.  This week it's gray and gloomy -- but the ducks are back.  I saw at least 30 ducks in the pond at work yesterday.  Just heard on the weather that Saturday will have a high temp of 71 degrees, followed by a high in the teens on Sunday.  
Ducky smile

David in Omaha November 9, 2013

David McCallum Signing 11092013

It was so wonderful to attend the 50th anniversary screening of The Great Escape in Omaha, and to get to see David McCallum in person.  I'll add more later, but right now I'm floating on Cloud Nine, and I don't want to come down. 
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